Should clearing the editor not check for content?

If existing content is being cleared, shouldn't the FModified flag be set?  Otherwise, one would not know if the contents were altered or not. Ideally, there would also be a CheckModifiedOnClear property if you want to have either option.

Also, shouldn't TTMSFMXRichEditorBase.Clear be declared as virtual in case descendant class would alter the behavior?



By doing clear, we assume the content of the editor is programmatically reset, hence, Modified is set back to false.

We'll change it to a virtual declaration in case you'd want to override this default behavior.

Actually, modified was not set to false, but left unchanged in my current version. Changing to virtual would be very useful. Thanks.

In the next update it will be virtual and will also set it to false.

Thanks again - I also noticed that the AddMultiLineText function eats up the last character if the inserted text consists of a single line. It is easy enough to check input and use AddText instead, but it seems to be a bug.

Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.