TTMSFMXRichEditor - ContentHeight

I stumbled on some unexpected behaviour in working with FMXRichEditor.ContentHeight:

  1. given a certain text the ContentHeight does not always return the proper value, causing RichEditor to display the vertical scrollbar. See Image-1.
    This effect can be repeated with the sample program by enabling "RichEditor in auto-height modus" and then resizing the form. 
  2. when resizing RichEditor there is some rending just outside the borders of the RichEditor. See Image-2.
    This seems to be independent of the Margin or BorderStyle settings.
    This effect can also be repeated with the sample program by resizing the form.
Would this be something to have a look at?
Link to zip with code and images

  1. The only issue I could see was when the height of the editor exceeds the height of the form?
    2. We have seen an issue and applied a fix. The next update should address this.