TTMSFMXPlanner Item text oddly cut off on Android


I´ve got another small issue, which might very well be a platform-issue, but I still wanted to ask here just to be sure.

Basically the problem is, that if I got an PlannerItem with a limited size and a long text that exceeds this size, the text obviously is cut off, which is fine.
On the Iphones that were used for testing it looks as it should, meaning that you can only see the upper part of the text with the rest that exceeds the Planneritem-size cleanly cut off.

However on an Android-Smartphone a tester had the issue that in this case you didn´t see the upper part of the text but some chaotic signs that had nothing to do with the actual text.
The issue is reproducible on this smartphone and occurs whenever the ratio between the size of the item and the length of the text causes the text to be shown cut off.

If required I surely could prepare a screenshot.


Please send us a screenshot, so we have more information. Unfortunately we haven't received any similar issues so this could very well be a specific Android/RAD Studio combination. We'll need more details in order to fully investigate this.