TMS FMX UI Pack / PDF Lib: problems on Android

Is the PDF Lib (part of TMS FMX UI Pack) intended to use on Android?

I took the Windows example project (C:\Users\Public\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS FMX UI Pack Demos\PDF\PDFLib) and made some changes to deploy it on Android.

It works, but the generated demo pdf file doesn't look the way it should (ugly text spacing, wrong object positions). Is this a known problem?

Link to the (correct) Windows output file:

Link to the (incorrect) Android output file:

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TMS FMX UI Pack, Delphi 10.3.2, Android 9 and Android 5.1


We are using the native PDF rendering library, we'll investigate what is going wrong when generating PDF's on Android.
I have exactly the same problem
is there any news regarding this problem?


We still need to allocate time to investigate this. There are a lot of API changes and requirements in Android lately and could potentially be related to these changes. As soon as time permits we'll investigate.


We have further investigated this here and see that the default fonts on an Android device do not suffice to allow proper painting of text inside a PDF. To workaround this, please use a ttf file (copy one from Windows), deploy it with your application and then use the FileName property at font level to use the font.

    p.Graphics.Font.FileName := TPath.GetDocumensPath + PathDelim + 'arial.ttf';