TableView Font

I am seeing something different on my device then I am in the Delphi IDE.  My font is cut off at the bottom. I have changed no properties related to it

This is what I see in the IDE

However, on my device I see the following: (Notice the font cut off at bottom)

Here is a version without the images in the left rectangle:


Unfortunately the font that is being used on Android differs from the Font used on Windows. the height of the caption is based on a default style that is re-used in all platforms. We will look at this internally but you can fix this issue manually by using the following code:

TForm1.TMSFMXTableView1ItemCustomize(Sender: TObject;<o:p></o:p>

  AItem: TTMSFMXTableViewItem; AItemShape: TTMSFMXTableViewItemShape;

  AItemControlShape: TControl);


  AItemShape.Height := 55;

  AItem.ShapeCaption.AutoSize := True;

  AItem.ShapeCaption.Align := TAlignLayout.alTop;

  AItem.ShapeDescription.Align := TAlignLayout.alClient;


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