TTMSFMXGrid and dropdown column filter


I have created a descendant component based on the TTMSFMXGrid.

When I set the Option below I have a filter option in every column. GREAT.
  Options.Filtering.DropDown    := True;
  Options.Filtering.MultiColumn := True;

The filter listbox contains a distinct from all the values in that column.
But that filter list may be long depending on the actual data.
It would be nice to be able to click on the first character to quickly go to the first item with that character.

But this does not seem to work.
I tried to give the listbox te focus, but didn't work either.

procedure TMyForm.myGridCellShowPopup(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; Cell: TFmxObject);
if Cell is TTMSFMXFixedGridCell then
if TTMSFMXFixedGridCell(Cell).PopupControl <> nil then

1. Do you have any ideas how to accomplish this ?
2. Another wish would be to have a checkbox in front of every item, so you could select 2 or more entries in the filter listbox.
Is there way to do this ?
3. Can I overrule the standard behavior by showing an own filter-listbox


we have investigated this here but there is currently no way to override the popup behaviour, we have added this on our feature request list for investigation.