TAdvStringGrid filter table contents


I'm using AdvStringGrids v8.4.2.2 in an application that is used on a touchscreen PC.  I want to be able to filter the rows of a table by allowing the user to select one or more entries from a filter dropdown on one column.

The default glyph and default dropdown controls are a bit too small to be used easily on a touchscreen.

Is there any way in which I can control this programatically - for example;

- display the dropdown list by clicking on the column header
- change the default height of each entry on the dropdown
- allow an item to be selected by clicking on the entry text rather than just the checkbox.



You can at this moment not programmatically open the filter dropdown.

You can programmatically perform a filter operation though
Alternatively, you can also chose another glyph for the filter indicator on the header cell to make it bigger.

Thanks for your reply.  Is there any easy way to find the unique text entries in a column, so that I can populate a combo box?

grid.DistinctValues(ACol: integer; CaseSensitive: boolean = true): TStrings;

mentioned on page 65 in the developers guide: