TMSFMXGrid ColumnType Checkbox and Filtering


I have issues with the TMSFMXGrid and how checkbox cells are displayed while filtering.
In our application we want to have columns with ONLY a checkbox, without the related text.
So just a checked or unchecked checkbox per column-cell.

Initially it shows up correctly, but when I filter the data in the grid using the header-dropdown option,
it sometimes goes wrong.

I could also reproduce this with the demo application 
TMS Pack for FireMonkey Demos\Grid Feature Demos\Cell Controls

In the IDE I made the following changes to the grid:
* Options.Filtering.DropDown TRUE
* Options.Filtering.MultiColumn TRUE
* Options.Sorting.Mode gsmNormal

In the procedure TForm719.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); I made the following changes
* TMSFMXGrid1.Columns[2].ColumnType := ctCheckBox; // AddCheckBoxColumn(2);

Running the demo displays the grid as wanted.
When I Filter Column 5 using the dropdown button (I choose value 4)
you can see in column 2 that the top half still shows the checkboxes, while the bottom half shows the texts.

This doesn't seem to be correct.


If you don't want text, then you should not add text. The demo that you have manipulated, adds text. So 
Please either remove the LoadFromCSV method, add the text manually, or exclude the text via events:

procedure TForm1.TMSFMXGrid1GetCellData(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer;
  var CellString: string);
  if ACol = 2 then
    CellString := '';

Hi Pieter,
Thanks for your reply.

The checkbox will be (un)checked based on the TRUE/FALSE value.
And I know I could manipulate displayed data using the events.

The real problems is that you would expect the grid always to display checkboxes (with or without text).
In my example to top half of the grid shows a checkbox in the 1st column, the bottom half displays text INSTEAD of a checkbox.

We'll investigate the issue with text still displaying, but I supposed this is because there is a mismatch combination of text and checkbox column. You need to either use a column, or use text. Only AddCheckBoxColumn can work together with text.

Actually in our program, we don't have text.

We just define the column as a checkbox column by using
Column := Columns.Add; 
Column.ColumnType := ctCheckBox;

And we set the checkboxes with
CheckBoxState[Col, Row] := True/False;

This is a display-error after the filtering which shows up as the text TRUE of FALSE and not showing the checkbox any more.

Besides that also other display problems occur.
We use OnGetCellAppearance for coloring the grid.
These colors are "lost" as well.
Same with e.g. the colors of the grid bands.

Can you list up known issues and steps to reproduce so we can further investigate?

I will send a mail with a screenshot and the code I used in the demo program.

Is there a solution for that problem? 

The issues here were cleared up / addressed.
What exact remaining issue do you have with the latest version of the component?
Please provide exact & detailed information.