TTMSFMXCustomGrid.DoFixedCellDropDownButtonClick Sorting


When a user clicks on the dropdown filter button in the grid, all distinct data will be shown in a popup for the user to choose from.
All these entries are sorted automatically which is great (most of the time).
In some columns we are displaying dates or date/times.
These should be sorted based on datevalue rather than by text.

This happens in TTMSFMXCustomGrid.DoFixedCellDropDownButtonClick.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.


There is currently no built-in way to sort the filter data, but with the OnNeedFilterDropDownData event, you can customize the list of strings and sort the data you want.

I understand.
We could format the date in YYYY/MM/DD format.
But that proposal is already rejected.

A good solution could be to introduce a new callback with the possibility to change/reorder the data before the Assign to the Listbox items.
The Sorted property should be set to False.

We'll investigate the possibilities