TTIWRegion (TIWRegion)

It would be nice to have an enhanced region component that would allow some basic styling and the ability to use a background image like the TIWForm does.  I have composed my dream list of added properties.  I realize they represent a great deal of work, but even having part of the list would be a tremendous improvment to Intraweb.

Additional properties:
  • BorderInner.Color
  • BorderInner.Width
  • Border.Sides.Top
  • Border.Sides.Bottom
  • Border.Sides.Left
  • Border.Sides.Right
  • Background.Image
  • Background.Image.Position
  • Background.Image.Stretch
  • Background.GradientColor
  • Background.GradientColorTo
  • Background.GradientDirection
  • Corners.Rounded
  • Corners.RoundRadius
  • Shadow
  • Shadow.Color
  • Shadow.Depth
  • Glow
  • Glow.Size
  • Glow.Color

Thanks for your suggestion, we've added this to our to-do list for investigation.