TTIWAdvRadioGroup cellpadding

TTIWAdvRadioGroup appears to have cell padding hard coded to 4

columnItem := 0;
    Contents.AddText('<TABLE cellspacing=0 cellpadding=4 style="font-size:' + IntToStr(Font.Size) + 'pt;'
      + iif(fsBold in Font.Style, 'font-weight:bold;', '')
      + iif(fsItalic in Font.Style, 'font-style:italic;', '')
      + 'color:' + ColorToRGBString(Font.Color) + ';width:100%;height:auto;">');   

could it be requested that cellpadding ... and i guess cellspacing? be a parameter to set?

The default IW radio group has a tighter fit, so when i swapped over to  TTIWAdvRadioGroup 
the viewable list dropped a few times... and I am told to get it back to how it looked before.

Only work around is to modify the source of the TMS code forever.

Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider this.