TGDIPPictureContainer enhancements


here are some enhancement ideas for the TGDIPPictureContainer comonent.

  • import images from existing TImageList OR convert TImageList to TGDIPPictureContainer (important) by maybe a design-time wizard?
  • pasting of images directly into left-side container list by either hotkey or right-click "Paste from Clipboard"
  • history of recently opened directories (important); maybe add a drop-down menu to the "Load Directory" button; at least open the last one again...
  • drag'n'drop re-ordering of images and indexing (numbering)  them in addition to the image names like in TImageList (I know, sounds useless to most)
  • displayed row heights are way too large for collections of 16x16 glyphs (maybe replace the default "parent folder" image with a smaller one as it seems to preset the top position of all images in general?)
  • limit the top trackbar to only allow as high a number of rows till actual images are no longer visible due to the image name caption starts hiding them completely (keep increasing and the display becomes rubbish)
  • optional display of image names (use too much space)
  • optional width of cells; try with a folder containing 100+ glyphs with 16x16 size only, like GlyFx, there's no good overview
  • option to display small images with a zoom factor (100%, 200%, 250% etc.) by either combobox with preset zoom-values or a trackbar
  • item focus border is barely visible, either use more visible color (clMaroon) or wider border (if possible)
  • "Save as" for selected images in different formats (see for MPL licensed graphics library with full source)
That's all for this one... :)


oh noooo... all the bullets formatting got lost in Firefox 3... I'm sorry!

Thanks for these detailed suggestions. These are being looked at by the team now to see what we can fit in a future update.