TTIWMultiColumnComboBox - some issue

Hi, I would like to use the TTIWMultiColumnComboBox but I've some problems.
- having the Combobox in a verticaly small region, the popup-grid of the lookup is truncated by the borders of the region.
- clicking the "open"-button on the right, the popup-grid opens and closes immediately. So I'm not able to select an item. I drop the control on the form without doing changes on the properties, except the columnscount (see sample below)
- setting LookupTypeAHead = true there is an error runing the app - creating the session (tried with Edge and Chrome)
- it would be fine to have an option where typing text would filter the lookup-grid on all columns and also on text contained in the middle (example typing 0 on below values should remain only rows with a 0 in the text)

my unit1-code Looks like:
unit Unit1;
  Classes, SysUtils, IWAppForm, IWApplication, IWColor, IWTypes,
  IWVCLBaseControl, IWBaseControl, IWBaseHTMLControl, IWControl, IWCompEdit,
  IWTMSBase, IWMultiColumnComboBox, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Forms, IWVCLBaseContainer,
  IWContainer, IWHTMLContainer, IWHTML40Container, IWRegion;
  TIWForm1 = class(TIWAppForm)
    IWRegion1: TIWRegion;
    TIWMultiColumnComboBox1: TTIWMultiColumnComboBox;
    TIWMultiColumnComboBox2: TTIWMultiColumnComboBox;
    procedure IWAppFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
{$R *.dfm}
procedure TIWForm1.IWAppFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  with TIWMultiColumnComboBox1 do
  with TIWMultiColumnComboBox2 do
the first Combobox stays in the IWRegion1, aligned at the top with height = 70
best regards
Toni Santa

1 Set the IWRegion.ClipRegion property to False
2 I have note been able to reproduce this issue. Can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- The version of Delphi you are using
- The version of IntraWeb you are using
- Do you see any JavaScript errors in the browser console?
3 Thank you for notifying, this issue has now been fixed and the update will be available with the next release.
4 Unfortunately it's currently only supported to filter starting from the first character. However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.

Alternatively you can also have a look at the TIWAutoFormFill component which features a similar lookup functionality.
Hi Bart,
1: thank you. Problem solved; the standard IW-lookup does not have this behavior.
2: Delphi Rio 10.3.1 Professional; Intraweb 15.1.0 Evaluation.; I do not see any errors in the console; in the browser-url I see "" when the lookup automatically closes.

3: do you have any release date?
4: would be fine for all kinds o lookups
at 1: if the Region with the multicombo is on the bottom of the page, the lookup-grid is truncated, still if ClipRegion is False
it would be also fine if the lookupgrid would open on the top of the control if at it's bottom is insufficient space.

2. I'm not sure what is going wrong. Does the issue also occur in the TMS IW FeaturesDemo?
If the problem persists, please provide a ready to run sample so I can further investigate this.

3. There's no release date available at this time. If you urgently require the update, you can request an incremental source update via email.

Please use the following email address:

Thank you for this suggestion.
We'll consider adding this functionality in a future version of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack.