questions about TIWMultiColumnComboBox


i have a few questions/things about the TIWMultiColumnComboBox :

1. in Firefox9, and Chrome 25(what i currently use), the gradient color looks really nice, but it stays like the color of the PopUpColor property, after we move over a droped-down item.
* in IE 8 the colors are fine, but it take the droped items to the wrong side, when the form's LeftToRight property is false.

i think the next 2 questions are also for the AutoFormFill :
2. can you make the "search" in the TIWMultiColumnComboBox(and AFF?) a little more "searchy"?
i mean if the user type some part of the word, not from the begining, so make it find it too?
for example if the info is "Alfa Romeo", so the combo/aff will find it even if it's only "lfa Ro"

3. is there a way to have a "hidden" field? (something like the KeyField property of a DBLookupComboBox ?)

many thanks for your kind help and GREAT components!
(and sorry for my broken english...)


- The issue with the PopUpColor has been fixed.
This update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack
- I'll have to investigate if the positioning issue when LeftToRight is false can be fixed in a future version.

2. Thank you for your suggestion.
We'll consider improving the search function in a future version of the TIWMultiColumnComboBox and TIWAutoFormFill.

- In the TIWMultiColumnComboBox you can set the ColCount property to a value less than the total amount of available columns to hide one or more columns.
- Can you try using the Index parameter of the TIWAutoFormFill.OnAsyncClick event to determine which item has been clicked?