TIWAdvWebGrid colors, "jumps", and AlignWithMargin


1. when the TIWAdvWebGrid is aligned to client(TIWAdvWebGrid.Align:=alClient), the AlignWithMargin:=true doesn't seem to work.
i put a TIWAdvWebGrid in a Region and it keep staying aligned to the Client.

2. i have a TIWAdvWebGrid with about 50 rows.
when i click a cell (or a row) that is placed in the lower part of the page, the whole page "jumps" a few lines up.
it can be seen if the grid is longer then the page(screen?).

3. clicking a cell in a colored Column, and then clicking a different cell, changes the second cell's color.
however, if i color the rows through the OnGetCellProp event, it all good.
i don't know if that matters, but the Background's Gradient1 and Gradient2 colors are not "clNone".

btw, you site looks very nice now, but i can't find anything in the forum with this change.



1. Have you tried using this technique with default IW controls only? It seems this IntraWeb feature is not working as expected, unfortunately we have no control over standard IW functionality.

2. Can you please make sure Scroll.ScrollIntoView is set to false? Additionally you can add a TIWScrollBarPersistence control to the form to make sure scrolling positions are persisted between postbacks.

3. I have not been able to reproduce this issue. Can you please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this?

- Good to hear you like the new look. The forum functionality hasn't changed, can you please explain exactly what isn't working for you?

Hi Bart,.

1. you'r right!
i've tested it with only simple regions, and it looks like the problem is from the IW itself.
i will ask about it in the IW forum.

2. Grate!  it was only the Scroll.ScrollIntoView.

3. i made a clean test with only a TIWAdvWebGrid on the form.
i changed only the MouseSelect to msSingleCell, and changing the colors of Columns 0 and 2, leaving column 1 as is.
to test : run the app (as a Stand-Alone if it matters), click the different columns, and you will see it.

as for the forum - my mistake, i didn't got used to the new look  :)

thank you VERY much for your help Bart!

hi Bart

1. the source of this issue is really in the IW.
Alexander said that the IW is not supporting it yet.
to anybody who will want the same thing, here is a thread from the forum :


  1. Unfortunately it's currently not supported to use Columns[].Color in combination with the SelectColor property.

sorry Bart, i don't understand.

the Columns[].Color is working as expected (except for this bug).

i didn't change anything in the SelectColor property.

should i make the SelectColor property as "clNone" ?

it doesn't look like the SelectColor is connected to this problem.

You are correct there is indeed an issue where the background color of the cell is not reverted correctly after selecting a cell. This only occurs when using different colors per column.

I'll investigate how this issue can be fixed and will report back as soon as possible.

Thank you Bart !

The issue with Columns[].Colors and msSingleCell has been fixed.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack.