Last fix of TIWMultiColumnComboBox

I have problems with the last version of TIWMultiColumnComboBox.
Just choosing an item from the list doesn't update the field.
I use Delphi XE5, Intraweb 14.0.52 and TMS Intraweb Component
Recompiling a previously working application shows the same problem, such as the Demo application.



I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- The name and version of the browser you are using
- A ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue
- Exact instructions on how to reproduce the issue

You can try the demo application: Build IW121FeaturesDemo, Demo MultiColumnComboBox, select an item and nothing happens. The field is not updated.

I tried 3 different installations:
- Windows 7 Professional 32 bit with Firefox 46.0.1

- Windows 7 Professional 64bit with Explorer 11.0.9600.18314
- Windows XP with Firefox "46.0.1", Chrome "49.0.2623.112 m" and an old Explorer 8.0.6001.18702.

Same result.
If you need another sample project just let me know where to send it.


I have retested this and haven't noticed any issues.
A fix for a similar problem related to the OnAsyncChange event has already been implemented internally.
This update will be available with the next release of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack.
I would recommend to wait for the next release and try again with the update.

OK, thanks.

Should this be of any help to your analysis please note that just copying the previous version of IWMultiColumnComboBox.pas and recompiling solved the problem.