TTIWDBWebGrid both sorting and filtering


I'd like to both filter and sort a grid by clicking on the header of a column.
When i set the filter property to true, the clickable title of the column disappear, replaced by a combobox.
Is there any way to combine both?
Also, I'd like to use multi-column sorting but sortsettings seems to be designed for on column only .
How could i achieve that?



Unfortunately it's currently not supported to combine sorting and filtering in the header or have multi-column sorting in TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.

Thanks for your answer.
To me, it seems to be a basic feature for building professional applications. Do you plan to add it in future versions?
I used to achieve this behaviour with javascript/bootstrap on older php web sites but it does not work here.
I disabled every rendering options and use a template form but the component seems to render with "nested" Table tags without header/body tag.
Please, do you have any clue or tutorial to "force" the tags used in rendering the component?

These are good suggestions.
However there are no plans to add these features at this time.

Please note that the TTIWAdvWebGrid was originally designed to be styled through property settings. As such there are no built-in options available to change the HTML tags used during rendering.

Currently our focus for web applications is on TMS WEB Core in combination with TMS FNC UI Pack.