TTIWAdvWebGrid enhancement requests.

Ability for Row Hiding
Filtering to auto populate combo-boxs and hide rows on selections.
Multi Column Sorting

Another would be on things like sorting, that it could happen via async redraw of the data.

I've added your suggestions to our feature-request list and we'll investigate if these can be added in a future version.

Have you tried setting the AsyncSort property to True?

Also another thing Ive noticed is, I have the first column as a checkbox type column. If I sort by a column, the checkbox does not follow.. so if i check row #3 .. and sort.. row 3 check box is still checked even tho that row data moved somewhere else.

Also in some cases i want only 1 item in a column to be able to be checked.

Only way I can do this is use non async check cell event, set all rowselects to false.
If i do this the async way, it does not update the screen unless you hit f5 to refresh page.

If you're using a databound IWDBAdvWebGrid, you can try using a ctDataCheckBox instead which can save the checked state in the database and will display the correct state after sorting.

If only one row can be checked at a time, please consider using the ctRadioButton ColumnType instead.

i changed it to ctRadioButton ... but can't seem to find any events that trigger when a radio button is clicked?

Unfortunately there are currently no events available when clicking a ctRadioButton column.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version.

The row index of the selected radio button is available in "TIWAdvWebGrid1.RadioSelection".