TMSFMXGrid Filtering and Sorting

Hi all,

I am actually using TmsIcl components for Ios.  In one project I need badly a grid. 
Are you planning to add a Grid component in the near future (Native)? 

In the mean time, I was thinking I can use TMSFMXGrid. But on my very first test I am a little confused.

I tested  The FilteringDemo sample and added Two lines in the create Event :
           TMSFMXGrid1.Options.Filtering.DropDown := True;
          TMSFMXGrid1.Options.Sorting.Mode   := gsmNormal;

Then, when I make a filter and start clicking on the header to sort a column the application crashes after few clicks.

After a little debugging, I noticed that when a filter is active the procedure  
           TTMSFMXGridData.SortData(Column: integer; Direction: TSortDirection);
makes  FRowList.Count decrease by 1 at each hit (Frees one row). 

As a consequence, the application crashes as soon as one of the rows in the active filter is freed.

Am I doing something wrong ? 
Please help.

Best Regards


A native grid implementation will also need to be built from scratch, meaning that this is something that will not be available in the near future, if this is something that we decide to implement. implementation depends on many parameters, the most important one would be if it is technically possible to implement the most common features of a grid.

Sorting can currently not be combined with filtering, sorting needs to be performed on a non-filtered column.

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