TMS Intraweb Components help ?

Hi All,

Apart from the 2 PDF files regarding Grids and Responsivelists, are there any other written help available anywhere. I was looking for videos, but none exist, and there don't seem to be any help text available to add to the RAD Studio 7 IDE help function.

I do have the Features demo (from IW12), and where it is very extensive on a lot of issues, it does not really show too much about how to use Grids dynamically.

Would a description to TMSAdvgrid be helpful or is there too big a difference between the non web and the web grids ?

Do anybody know of other sources of help and descriptions, like books or similar ?



The Features demo and the PDFs are the recommended sources for information on the TTIWAdvWebGrid.
Unfortunately the differences between the VCL grid and the IW grid are too big to be able to use the VCL documentation for the IW grid.
Is there any feature in particular you would like to have more information about?