Async editing with combobox

I have a TIWDBAdvWebGrid. One of the columns is a lookup column which looks up a value based on another column. The column type is ctNormal and Editor is edCombo.

If I put the grid into edit mode (non-asynchronously) everything is fine. The combobox will appear in the appropriate cell and the current value will be selected in the combobox (ie if the combobox has 3 items: Item1, Item2 and Item3 and the current value is Item2 then when edit mode is selected the combobox displays Item2).

On selecting asynchronous edit mode, the combobox is displayed but has no selected item. The user can select an item and it is saved back to the database on posting, so it is working correctly - it just doesn't display the selected item initially. How can I cause the combobox to display the currently selected item when switching to async edit mode?

Thank you.

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Can you please have a look at this sample project (, which is working as expected, and let me know what you are doing differently?

Hi! i have a similar  problemi with edSpinEdit  ;

i have 7 column with edSpinEdit, with 7 different values, but latest can never be greater the prior... so in beforePost of clientdataset I do some changes to data.

when edit state finished, in grid i see correctly all the value setted!!
but if I return to Edit Mode of this row, inside spinedit textbox, i can't see the value modified by code by my beforepost event... I only see changed  the value that i setted manually...

i have to reload completly the page to made a "rull refresh"  ... 

there's some method to call to force grid to relad data for one row?

Can you please try calling "TIWAdvWebGrid.AsyncUpdateAllCells;" ?

If the problem persists, please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this.

it causes me a "socket error" =/ 

i'll prepare a demo.

Hi! i just changed your last demos :)

i change cyl and type to spin edit and asyncedit to true;  
just select a row; click on edit button; change Cyl value with spi edit and post. 
in beforepost event I set type = cyl ; 
in grid you corretly see  this.
but if yot re-press edit , spin edit of column "type" will show older value.

if i set asynedit to false, it works.

As noted in our guidelines (, can you please provide sample projects in a zip file instead of rar?

Unfortunately editor values are currently not refreshed from updated database field values when AsyncEdit is True.
I will investigate if this behavior can be improved in a future version.


temporarily i don't use async.
do you think it can be resolved in next release? 

We've added this on the feature-request list for consideration.