When I click on ctButtontype cell the line goes into edit mode.

Is there a way for it to call up a form bypassing edit mode?

Tom Obenschain


You can use the OnButtonClick event which is triggered when a button in a cell of ColumnType ctButton is clicked.

OnBottonClick calls the form OK but when I exit the form and return to the grid the line is in edit mode.

A column of type ctButton shouldn't automatically put a row in edit mode.
Are you sure this isn't caused by the specific TIWAdvWebGrid configuration or by other code in your application?

Does the same issue occur when you create a new IW project from scratch?

Sorry, I meant ctDataButton column type. I want the user to see the same button for line update as on a form.

I want the user to see the same button for line update as for calling form.

Please note that the ctDataButton column type can only be used to switch the current row between edit and browse mode. This functionality can't be disabled. I would recommend using the ctButton column type instead.

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