I need help on three problems:

1) I am unable to get AdvWebGrid's AsyncButtonClick to show changes after

      ActiveRow := RowIndex+1;

2) Press of ctDataButton always edits first line even if I press the button on the second line. Even though the demo somehow works properly.

3) The buttons in bottom region (alBottom allignment) are overlaid by grid (alClient). The buttons show through the grid.

Thanks - Tom Obenschain

ps I am using AsyncButtonClick because CellClick and ButtonClick do not fire.

I solved #3 by creating a region and putting grid inside it.


- To enable the OnCellClick event you can set MouseSelect to SingleCell

- The OnButtonClick event is fired when a button in a cell of column type ctButton is clicked.
Please note that if the OnAsyncButtonClick event is assigned, the OnButtonClick event will be ignored.

1) Please note that InsertRows is not supported in combination with an asynchronous callback.
To programmatically enable edit mode asynchronously you can use "AsyncSetEditMode(RowIndex)".

2) I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Can you please make sure AsyncEdit is set to true if async editing is required?

If the problem persists, can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- The version of IntraWeb you are using
- The name and version of the browser you are using
- A ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue