Customize column with ColumnType ctDataButton


   If I have a TTIWDBAdvWebGrid with editable data, and one column as ctDataButton.

   Can I customize text or images for "Post" and "Cancel" button when row is in edit mode?

Thanks in advance

You can specify custom images to be used for these buttons under 
TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Glyphs.CancelButtonURL, TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Glyphs.PostButtonURL
There you can specify the URL of custom images to be used for these buttons.

I am developing a standalone application.

And I have this folders:
   - c:\MyIntraWebApp\bin
   - c:\MyIntraWebApp\files

I have StandAlone application (.exe) in "bin", and two images (Ok.gif and Cancel.gif) in "files"

I have tried to set:
 - only the filenames: "Ok.gif"
 - fullpath filenames: "C:\IntrawebApp\files\Ok.gif"
 - fullpath filenames in other form: "C:/IntrawebApp\files/Ok.gif"
 - URL to local: ""
 - URL to local with subflder: ""

All without success.
How can I get a valid URL with a SantdAlone application for images?

This might depend on your IntraWeb version but would typically be


I have Intraweb 12.0.9, which it is bundled with C++ Builder XE2

I have tried

 - /Files/Ok.gif

 - Files/Ok.gif

 - Ok.gif (coping file at same folder than "IntrawebApp.exe"

but nothing works

any other ideas?

Can you use image files in other IW components?

After read this entry blog:

I have put a IWImageFile on same form, and make subfolders:
   - c:\MyIntraWebApp\bin\wwwroot\files

If I set IWImageFile.ImageFile.URL to '/files/Ok.gif',  it works fine.

So I tried to set TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.Glyphs.PostButtonURL=/files/Ok.gif

but not works.

I solved it.

I had not seen the property DataButtonType.

With a column:
Grid not show images

With a column:



Grid show images correctly

Thansk for all