TTIWAdvWebGrid not rendering right

Latest componets of IW and TMS as of today.

I have a TTIWAdvwebgrid on my form.

Page loads... the "header" bar in blue goes across page.. but the headers and rows, ect do not.

hit F5, grid then renders fine.

this is the "initial" form that pops up when session comes in.

i made a dummy form that has just a button.. click the button, creates this form and shows it.. and it looks fine!

whats the deal?

"fix" was to add a timer... for 10ms.. to do a


and this causes it to redraw the form... and it renders fine then...

It is unclear what is causing this. We do not see this happening here in our demos & test apps. Could you provide us by email with some sample source project with which we can investigate this?