IWAdvWebGrid Scrolling Issues

I have an AdvWebGrid on my form, with both Row Headers and Column Headers showing. Scroll.Style is set to scAuto. UseFullWidth and UseFullHeight are both TRUE. Usually, there are more rows and columns than can fit in the grid, so I get both horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

The first issue is alignment of the column headers when the grid is scrolled fully to the right. It's difficult to describe, but what happens is just before the scroll bar reaches the right most position the headers stop scrolling, but then as the scroll bar gets fully to the right, the columns continue to scroll, and the result is that the column headers no longer line up.   I have tried all sorts of combinations setting column width types to absolute or percent but no luck.

The second issue is when there are only a few columns, so the horizontal scroll bar doesn't appear. In this case, part of the last row in the row headers is obscured.

I can send screen shots showing the issues if you need more clarification.


I have not been able to reproduce these issues.
In order to allow me to further investigate this, can you please provide the following information:
- The browser and browser version you are using
- The exact version of IntraWeb you are using
- A sample project that demonstrates the issue (Sample projects can be send to mailto:info@tmssoftware.com)

Sample project sent via email.