TTIWAdvTreeView images not shown

seems when adding treenodes "runtime" the images are not rendered. I modified your FeaturesDemo Project, AdvTreeView.pas not loading the treeitems in the oncreate-event of the form but by clicking a button and the images are not visible. I'm working with Intraweb 15.1.0.
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If you are using the asynchronous button click event, can you please try using the non-asynchronous button click event instead?
If not, do you see any JavaScript errors in the browser console?


Nothing changes using one event or the other. I do not see any JavaScript-Errors.
Are you able to reproduce the problem with our FeaturesDemo-project?

I have not been able to reproduce this in the FeaturesDemo.

Can you reproduce this in simple test project that only contains the TIWAdvTreeView component?

Can you please also let me know the following?
- The version of Delphi you are using
- The name and version of the browser you are using
Hi Bart,
how can I send you my sample project?

You can email sample project as attachment to

Sample sent by mail.