IWAdvTreeView broken?

TMS seems to break TTIWAdvTreeView....  (IW 11.0.56)

New form... 
add TTIWAdvTreeView... 
add button... attach code to button:

at runtime... when you click on button.. causes exception  "TIWAdvTreeView1: '''' is not a valid integer value"

Has anybody been able to confirm this problem yet?  Pretty sure it's a real problem but there's always the possibility it's an environment issue on my system.  Just would like to know.

I have been able to trace and fix this issue in the TIWAdvTreeView.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack.

Is there perhaps a patch I can apply until then?  thx

You can request an incremental update by sending an email to mailto:info@tmssoftware.comBart Holvoet2012-01-03 11:07:03