Troubleshooting non-responsive google map


We are successfully using the WebGMap component.  Thank you for creating such a great component.  We really appreciate being able to work at a level above Javascript.

We occasionally have customers who cannot load or edit maps in our application.  Do you have any advice on how to troubleshoot those issues?  I'm guessing it is normally a firewall or other network issue.  But that is usually not specific enough for our customers IT staff to change anything.  In a current case we have one customer that cannot work with maps while others in his same office can.

Normally the first troubleshooting step we take is to have the end user try to access in Internet Explorer.  If that works but our application still does not we don't have anything else to check.  

I'm willing to build a screen into our application that checked individual items if needed.  I'm just not sure what I could check or something like that is even possible.



What you could do as a useful test is put a TWebBrowser on a Delphi form and have this TWebBrowser navigate to  That should work. If it doesn't that means our WebGMaps component will have troubles too.

So I added a TWebBrowser and navigated to as you suggested.  On my development computer (where the maps are working) I see the following message from google:

  You seem to be using an unsupported browser.
  Old browsers can put your security at risk, are slow and don't work with newer 
  Google Maps features. To access Google Maps, you'll need to update to a modern browser.

Is there something that is being done inside WebGMaps to set a compatibility mode?  I'm running Windows 10 with IE 11 installed.

I like the idea of this test, but it does not seem very useful if accessing maps from TWebBrowser does not work on computers where maps do work.

I did find this StackOverflow post:

This references a registry key that can be set that change the behavior of TWebBrowser in a specific exe.  Setting this to 9999 or higher does seem to enable the site to load.  Some of the options break WebGMaps though.  

Does anyone have any advice as to if setting this is a good idea and if so what values to use?  Or why WebGMaps seems to work without this value being set when just navigating to the page does not?

Although we do not see an issue with browser feature control settings, you can set this to hex 2af8 (for IE11 mode) and it should be fine.