Map does not display on final client

Hi, I have developed a small test for a client.
The problem is that on my development machine inside Delphi's IDE and outside it works perfect but when I run my test on the clients' machine, the map does not display or eventually display the map but without any route or markers as on my machine.

What could be missing ??


Is this WebGMaps or WebOSMaps?

When it is WebGMaps, did you set a correct / valid API key?
Hi, its WebGMaps and yes, I've installed a valid api key.

Is your Google developer account associated with a billing account (new requirement from Google since August 2018)

I think so, but I wll check it again and tell you.

Many thanks for your quick response..

Hi, I've checked and yes, my api google account has a billing acount associated.

I suspect there must be something specific/special on the user machine.
Was it tested on multiple machines?

Yes, I've checked in 3 or 4 machines at other clients, and the same issue.
But on my developer machine (pc) and laptop, works perfect.
Will try to check it all again but dont know what else can I try.

I have no idea either, it seems not logical that the EXE would behave different on another machine.
Maybe if you set
webgmaps1.ShowDebugConsole := true;
you'll see some info on errors in the console?
Thanks Bruno, I did not know that property.
Will try it and let you know.

Many thanks.

Hi Bruno, I did that but see no info in the console.
Is there any other thing I can do ??
Many thanks.


Can you make sure the client machine has HTTP access to the google maps api servers?
If you have full access to the client machine you can try to install Fiddler (free download) to see if any HTTP requests are failing.

API keys can be restricted to certain domains/IPs. May that be the cause?