When was the font property removed?

It was not removed.

Bruno Fierens2016-09-01 22:06:22

I should have said TPlannerCalendarGroup.

Something changed


I have to removed it from the DFM to get the form to load.

exception message : Error reading mnCalender.Font.Charset: Property Font.Charset does not exist.

Removing just the Font.Charset did not work. I had to remove the all the properties for Font.

Now the form loads and there is no Font property in the DFM for object mnCalender: TPlannerCalendarGroup

In TPlannerCalendarGroup it was removed (but quite some time ago) as it was overlapping with the DayFont property. When you open a form in the IDE, just ignore this property error, save the form file again and when you compile the app, the problem should be gone.

Yeah the issue is, I did not know it was removed and I needed to open the form and resave it.

So, when one customer opened that one form, out of hundreds of forms in our application, the application crashed.

One reason I really dislike upgrading/updating, even when the upgrade/update is free.

I only upgraded/updated for a fix in the inspector bar. Otherwise I would not have upgraded/updated.

Thanks for the response.