Bug: TAdvCardList loosing all Font settings


using the current demo as provided on the AdvCardList component webpage
Running Delphi 2007 Ent. on Win7 x64 (designs enabled; German locale settings).

First stage in D2007 to reproduce:
- open the demo project "AdvCardListDemo.dpr"

  • close the main unit "UAdvCardListDemo.pas" (if opened)
  • open the file "UAdvCardListDemo.dfm"
  • menu "Search|Replace" text "MS Sans Serif" with "Tahoma" (or any other font name)
  • save the DFM file (but do not reopen the PAS file)
    - build and run the project
    - all cards entries should display as anticipated with font "Tahoma"
    - close the program

    Second stage:
  • re-open the form "UAdvCardListDemo.pas" in Delphi as usual

    --> now ALL font names are back to "MS Sans Serif", even other settings I previously may have changed, like "ReplaceEditFont" or "ReplaceItemFont" to False, are back to True.

    Can support please try above steps to reproduce this seemingly form loading error?


Forgot to mention: TMS component pack sources are as of July 10, 2010.

This because the AdvCardListStyler.Style keeps set to the same value and this style initializes various colors & fonts.

Hello Bruno,
thanks, I see my misunderstanding. I thought the styler would detect changes from the default style and leave my changes intact.

Maybe a "clsCustom" style mode to (temporarily) deactivate this behavior could be added someday (similar to the "psCustom" mode of the TAdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler component).

I guess right now I always have to set the "AdvCardListStyler.CardList" property back to "nil" once the style was applied and I need custom changes, correct?


It is a good suggestion to have a clsCustom. The next update will have this.

Thank you!