TAdvSmoothListbox Missing Property

I got a customer complaint that they get an exception if they open a certain form.

I found it is true and I know the reason now :

TSmoothListbox lost its property parent.

After installing a TMS update I had to make a small modification to my software.

I tested that modification but not the whole software (it is quite big).

In the dfm file the property parent was there and Delphi compiled silently.

When I open the form I am notified about this,

Does this really force me to open all forms in Delphi just the see if there is a property problem ?

All in all :

I dont need support at this time.

But I really ask you to NEVER remove properties again, the results may be catastrophic.

Gerhard Sachs

We never go lightly over removing or changing a property that could cause a compatibility problem. In this case, it was for a needed bug fix, so we did not have a choice.

Do you know if there is way from Delphis side to automatically detect such Problems during compilation ?

No, only the form designer will report the issue and from there you can ignore the error and save the form file again and the problem will be fixed.