Questions about TPlanners


I have questions or unclear point.

I've configure a DBPlanner in "plTimeLine" mode, set a period (01/01/2015 -> 31/12/2015) and a  timezone to display (08h to 17h)  my display unit is 60 and my TDBTimelineSource
is correctly configured to display the items and the resources (i can insert, upadte and delete easily).

But i've some difficulty to do some actions for the display of the planner

1. Is
it possible to color the separation line forthe date on a different than the border of the cells color to
show the user when the date is change 

2. In plTimeLine,
is it possible to not display the week-end day or other date like bank holiday
or forbid to move or insert event for these days

3. Is it possible to define the TimeLineNVUBegin
and TimeLineNVUEnd by day of week

      Ex : All Monday must display from 08h to
17h and Wednesday must display from 08h to 12h

4. When
i try to use the property Rotateontop from the sidebar there is not effect  (the property position from the sidebar is put to spTop).
I try to use instead Sidebar -> Font -> orientation, the tex twill disappear when i put a value to large and i cannot reduce the border between the field hour and the bottom border of the sidebar

5. I want
to zoom and unzoom my timeline to display more or less date(by this the user can
see easily when there is no event), is there an option to configure this or i
have to program this by modify the property of the display

Thanks. i hope i've been clear in my explanation.

  1. Assuming you use the Planner with a horizontal time axis, OnPlannerRightLine event can be used to dynamically customize cell borders.
    2. It is not possible in this mode to exclude specific days, the time-axis is linear in this plTimeLine mode.
    3. TimeLineNVUBegin/TimeLineNVUEnd is a global setting in this mode and applies for each day.
    4. With a default Planner with plTimeLine mode and horizontal time axis, I see no issues with font rotation. Do you use a Truetype font?
    5. You'll need to programmatically change start & end of the timeline

    For questions 2 & 3, if this is a requirement, a plCustomList mode Planner is probably best suited.

Thanks for the answer.

And for question 4, what are you calling a TrueType font ?

The font are set like this :
 - DBPlanner.Font.Name = Tahoma 
 - DBPlanner.Sidebar.Font.Name = Tahoma

Tahoma is a Truetype font normally. (

As I mentioned:
"With a default Planner with plTimeLine mode and horizontal time axis, I see no issues with font rotation."
So, did you try this? If so and it worked, what's different in your app?

I try again, with a new project, to use the "Rotate on top" with a TPlanner and a TDBPlanner but nothing change when i check or uncheck the option

here is a link with  (i use Delphi XE6)



I think I overlooked that you use plTimeLine mode while the text rotation capability is for plDayPeriod and plHalfDayPeriod modes (where it makes most sense as the information of the date is typically too wide to fit in a timeslot and is therefore by default rotated)
For plTimeLine mode there is no automatic text rotation.

Thank you for the help.