Print planner

Hi i have TMS Component Pack

and i use TDBPlanner with sidebar on the top (spTop)... when i try to print a planner with PrintPages or other print method date time on sidebar Hide, and the result is not that i see on the screen !
Can u help me ?

It would be helpful if you could give some indications about what exactly is different on the printed page from the screen?

for example in the sidebar date is hide ! give me an email please to send u and image that show this. Bye


Ok i updated to version but how can i print planner on multiple pages with PrintSelection(); ? i used printpages(1....n) on pdf virtual printer but the result is wrong and not all items in the left side (header) are printed ... can give u me  an example to print planner on many pages ?

Thank u. BYE

With Planner.PrintRange() you can specify exactly for how many resources and how many time slots along the time-axis you want to print.


frompos / topos = range of resources
fromitem / toitem = range along the time axis

ok i already try this ... but the problem is the print output that is wrong. Try to print (in a pdf printer for example) a 'big' planner with many resources and for a long time ! and see ...

It would be helpful if you could at least give an indication about what exactly is wrong.

bruno , see my mail BYE