TParamListBox text garbled if resizing window horizontal.

I have a form with page control aligned to client and a panel aligned to bottom, the panel has an ok/cancel button. On the page control is a Tab Sheet and within that is a TParamListBox aligned to client.

When I resize the window left/right the fonts are messed up (resize over the text left and back to the right so its shown again). It stays that way unless I resize up or down to create or remove the vertical scroll bar it redraws correctly once the scroll bar is removed or added.

We applied an improvement for this. Next update will address this.

Great, could you also add a double-buffer option so it doesn't flicker as much?

When do you expect the updates out?

We will expose DoubleBuffered.
The next release is scheduled for the week of May 15 when no unexpected things occur.

Thanks, this is fixed in the latest update.