Touchscreen / Google / Arrow Disappearing

I have had users report that after using the touchscreen to pinch, zoom, and pan, that the mouse arrow disappears for the entire application, even if you switch to a different screen inside the application. If you move the mouse to a different application, the mouse comes back but disappears as soon as it goes back over the application.

Has anyone experienced this, or anything I can do to get the arrow back?

For your info, I am on 109.0.1518.78 of WebView2 and I'm using the latest WebView2Loader_X86.DLL (Version 1.0.15949.0).

Also, if I change tabs or go to a different screen inside the app where I no longer see the map, the mouse is still hidden. If I go back to the map, move the mouse over the map again, the mouse comes back. Just wondering if there is a way to activate the mouse if we leave the screen with the map?


We are not aware of such an issue in TMS FNC Maps.
Does the issue only happen with the TTMSFNCMaps component or also with a TTMSFNCBrowser component?