TTMSFNCMaps: Some OnMapMouse* events do not fire

On a TTMSFNCMap I see that some of the OnMapMouse events are not triggered when a special map service is set:

  • No mouse event OnMapMouseEnter fired from Bing and TomTom map services.
  • No mouse events OnMapMouseEnter/Leave fired from Openlayers map service.


  • Please note that there is an issue with the MapMouseEnter event in the Bing and TomTom services where the event is not triggered if there is no space between the map and the browser window (which is the case in TMSFNCMaps as the map always fills 100% of the available browser width & height).
    This is a limitation of the mapping services which we have no control over.

  • Unfortunately OpenLayers does not support the MapMouseEnter or MapMouseLeave events.