Back function in browser

Hi support team.
Is it possible to deactivate the back function in the browser? When I use the back button on my mouse, I get a blank page. The Forward button shows the map again, but the entire marker table is empty.


On which operating system did you test this? We have tested this on Windows but couldn't reproduce the issue.

Hi Pieter,

Windows 10 Pro x64

i create a new VCL-Application. On the Formular i put this object.

  object TMSFNCMaps1: TTMSFNCGoogleMaps
    Left = 0
    Top = 0
    Width = 852
    Height = 411
    Align = alClient
    ParentDoubleBuffered = False
    DoubleBuffered = False
    TabOrder = 0
    APIKey = 'AI....................'
    Polylines = <>
    Polygons = <>
    Circles = <>
    Rectangles = <>
    Markers = <
        Longitude = 6.782778
        Latitude = 51.225556
        IconURL = ''
    Options.Locale = 'de-DE'
    Options.DefaultLatitude = 51.225556
    Options.DefaultLongitude = 6.782778
    Options.DefaultZoomLevel = 10
    Options.BackgroundColor = clBlack
    LocalFileAccess = True
    KMLLayers = <>
    Clusters = <>

Then i change API Key an the map is visible. !!
Now i view the Form as text an then back as form.
No map is visible at designtime. ?? Why
Run the App then the map is shown but a Mouse-Back show a blank screen.
The forward mouse button shows the map an the simple marker.

Next step ist to put a Button on the Map


This Marker i loose. Markers.Count is 2.



We are able to reproduce the issue with toggling the designtime preview. Please note that this is a preview only and shouldn't affect runtime behavior. We'll investigate this. Please note that there is a default marker added and therefore, using TMSFNCMaps1.AddMarker adds a second marker, please clear the markers first. It's unclear why the previous and next mouse buttons are navigating the map, this should not happen. We have tested this here and could not reproduce the issue. We are able to go to the next and previous page in Chrome or FireFox, but are not able to reproduce this in the embedded webview. We'll run some more tests.

Hi, we have tested this on multiple systems (regarding the next and previous buttons) and could not reproduce this. Which Microsoft Edge version are you using?

Version 88.0.705.63 (Offizielles Build) (64-Bit)
i can show it via Teamviewer but the effect is not important enough to pursue here.


We'll further investigate this issue here and see if we can reproduce. So far, we haven't been able to, but perhaps there is a setting specific to Windows that changes the behavior.