TMSFNCGrid show image

Dear Support Team,
I want to include an SVG image in the FNCGrid.
What works great in the FNCPlanner causes me problems in the FNCGrid. Among other things,
I insert the following line in the grid:
cells[3,aRow]:='< IMG src="wheelchair" width="24" height="24">'

But the image from the Picture Container is not displayed. The FNCGrid.BitmapContainer is an FNCBitmapContainer with SVG Images.
As I said, in the FNCPlannerItem, I use the same container in the same way.
Is there anything left to adjust in the FNCGrid?

That's because the HTML is not valid. You need to add a closing tag for the HTML to be picked up:

  TMSFNCGrid1.BitmapContainer := TMSFNCBitmapContainer1;
  TMSFNCGrid1.Cells[3, 3] := '<IMG src="wheelchair" width="24" height="24"/>';

Notice the forward slash at the end of the IMG tag

Thank you Pieter,
Sometimes don't see the forest for the trees :frowning:

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No worries :slight_smile: