FNC Grid

When using the fncgrid by default the position is set to absolute. So when the web app is run it does not sit in the div in which it is positioned. When I change the position to ElementPosition := epignore the grid positions itself in the div but the scrollbars remain in the same place. Can you please tell me what to do ?

I'm not sure I understand what you are doing. TTMSFNCGrid has no property ElementPosition?

If it does not have a position property it how do you position it on the web page the place where it wants. When you drop the FNC grid  and see in the chrome debugger it shows as position absolute.

Is there a way i can upload a screen shot in the forum ?

You mention you change ElementPosition and you say it doesn't have such property. Permit me to be confused.

Is there a way to upload screen shots so that i can explain ?

Insert a link from an image you copied to a service like for example: https://paste.pics/

my experiment

What exact settings / code do you use?
Please contact us by email and include a sample source project with which we can see all your settings and can reproduce this. I cannot guess all your settings from a screenshot like this.

Send to support

After   TMSFNCGrid1.ElementPosition := epignore; on form create

You will notice the grid has moved inside the div but the scroll bar stays in the same place

I will convert the test data to sqlite check and send you all the code. I really want your help in this 

I have sent the source by email 


We have been able to identify and fix this issue. The next version will address this.