TMSFNCDatePicker bug in TMS WEB CORE

Dear Tmssoftware Team,

Please help,
I tried to use the TMSFNCDatePicker component by placing it in three components of the TMS WebCore component, namely: WebPanel, WebStrecthPanel and WebResponsiveGridPanel then from these three components they have different bugs like the screenshot below:

and even if I add code: TMSFNCDatePicker1.ElementPosition := epIgnore;
but still like that

Are you using the latest version of both TMS WEB Core & FNC?
If so, please send us your project, we have tested here and couldn't reproduce the issue.

Dear Pieter,
Yes I am using TMS Web Core and TMS FNC UI Pack, and
For information on these bugs, I include a simple project file that includes bugs such as information from the image I screenshot
bug2 (7.4 KB)

We could reproduce this and it is related to the need for making the controls relative positioned in these specific container controls. Workaround for now is to place the TTMSFNCDatePicker inside a TWebHTMLDiv and put this TWebHTMLDiv on these container controls.

Dear Brunofierens,

Ok, Thank you for your information

Good day Bruno,
I have just updated to the latest FNC + webcore versions.
But the issue of the TTMSFNCDatePicker cell alignment still exists.

I'm using a DatePicker as CellEditor inside a FNCGrid used in WebCore

But when I want to edit the Cell using the DatePicker, the datepicker gets aligned to (0,0) inside the grid.

Are you able to help me with an example how to fix this issue?

Thank you very much.

I'm not sure I understand the full scenario.
Where it the container used here?
Do you set the grid inplace editor for column 'Start Datum' to be grid.Columns[x].Editor := etDateEdit ?

I have added a sample project, where the 'bug/misalignment' of the datepicker occurs.

I just discovered it occurs after the GridCellEditGetData Event receives a wrong formated date.

I now know how to prevent the bug. But I think the misalignment of the picker should not happen after a wrong input.

Anyway thanks for your feedback. (2.8 MB)