TMSFNCHTMLText not centering and some characters not displayed correct

The attached code sample uses a FNCHTMLText component that is aligned to the bottom of the page and the text is centered. At design-time all is displayed correctly, but in run-time the text is not centered any more and it looks like some characters are scrambled (see screenshot).
(52.9 KB) (52.9 KB)

This seems to be related to the window width.
When the window is widened at design time, the label is not automatically "widened".

-> Try taking out the "Autosize" option.

It worked for me.

Disabling the Autosize also fixes the centering problem on my side.
I still have the some of the characters "scrambled" which is odd.

this seems to come from the spaces between the words (-> "This is myURL"):

correctly displayed <A href="">myURL</A>
incorrectly displayed <A href="">This is myURL</A>

Maybe TMS didn't plan it this way (or it's a bug).
Possible solutions for the moment:

Instead of spaces -> use underscores, possibly in the color of the background.

We have traced and solved this issue. The issue was related to TMS WEB Core. Next update will address this.