TMSFNCGrid Checkbox column type causes problems with displaying the grid content

When I create a TWebForm in TTMSWeb app with a TMSFNCGrid and I change one of the colum type to Checkbox the grid content is not rendered properly when the page gets displayed.
Rows and Cols are invisible. Only scroll bars which belong to the grid are visible.
But when I click on the "non-existing" rows the grid gets redrawed and the content looks okay.
It is reproducible without single line of code.
Just drop the tmsfncgrid component on the form. Change the column type to Checkbox and run the project and check the rendered page in your browser.

We have fixed the issue here, next version will addres this. Thanks for reporting!

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Hello Pieter - you may also want to check if other column types are okay. I think the same happens when a RadioButton gets selected in the column type property. (ProgressBar is okay).
Thanks !
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This issue was an underlying bitmap caching issue in TMS WEB Core, because the image loading is asynchronous, the grid didn't update properly. We fixed that in TMS FNC Core, so it should be good with other types of image loading. The checkbox, radiobutton & button are bitmaps in FNC for cross-platform support.

Awesome thanks! I hope the fix gets published very soon. Thanks again!