TTMSFNCDatePicker Invalid date selection error

When using TTMSFNCDatePicker, if you select a date on the calendar, the calendar disappears according to CloseOnSelection.
If you click on the space where the calendar was, the calendar is displayed again and the wrong date is selected.
I request you technical support.


With the information you provided we cannot reproduce the issue.
Which IDE version are you using?
Which framework do you experience this with? (VCL, FMX, LCL or WEB)
Do you have any non-default settings in TTMSFNCDatePicker? (716.5 KB)

I put a webmemo in the area where the calendar of TTMSFNCDatePicker is displayed.
Select a different date on the calendar with the mouse Click
with the mouse in the webmemo area (the space where the calendar was)
A bug where the webmemo does not focus and the calendar is displayed again

I also uploaded a sample project.

Thank you for the test project. We were able to trace and fix this issue. The next update will contain the necessary changes.