TMSFMXLiveGrid and group by issue

I have a issue when I use TTMSFMXLiveGrid and group by a column as the
example “C:\Users\Public\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS FMX UI Pack Demos\Grid Feature Demos\Grouping“

The problem I detected is the following:
        • When i close all nodes and open just one node (‘Honda’),  i select a line

    inside the node, the grid select another row of another node.


If you want to use the grouping feature in the grid, please load the data with

After this, grouping will be possible.
You did not understand my doubt.
I already fill the grid all at once.

The problem is when I click on a line inside a node, the grid selects another line that I did not click.
I have in my first comment how to replicate the error with your model project of grouping the grids by collumn.

Is it possible to send a screen shot to show the error?
Best Regards


Yes, you can send a screenshot to with a link to this post.
Sent, received?


We have received your sample and are currently investigating this.
Hi Pieter
   I have tested V3.7.2.5 BETA,  looks like solved.
  It's a beta release can i sent to production?


Yes, you can safely further develop and release your application.

Thanks, amazing support