TTMSFMXGrid Groupping problem

I am using latest vers ( I checked your  FMXGrid demos. 

"C:\Users\Public\Documents\tmssoftware\TMSFMXPack Demos\TMSFMXGrid Feature Demos Mobile Studio\iOS\Grouping" 

Groupping properties is very nice. I wanna use this property in my project. I connect the grid livebinding via FireDac Query. First step is ok when i group (Grid.Group(2);) the grid its looking ok , when i click any cell group logic is working wrong. I just click one cell groupping works wrong, colums moved one col right, groupping fields changed etc. 

I hope can i explain clearify. If you need mode detail i will save my screen and send you a video.

Pls inform me what i make wrong.

Thank you
for your help.

Grouping is currently not supported in combination with LiveBindings. We have also answered this through direct email. We have added this on our feature request list for investigation.

Kind Regards, 

Dear  Pieter,

Thank you for your reply.