TMSFMXGridExcelIO. problem

I  downloaded last version TMSFMXGrid create a grid and merge cells ,some of them are abnormal ,
some of them are nomal.  

click the link for more detail .

How to solve the problem?

Thank you.


We are currently investigating this here.

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look forward to your kind  advice.
thank you

I noticed that
TMS Pack for FireMonkey has updated to v2.2.2.4
Fixed : Issues with column/row handling in TTMSFMXGrid
Fixed : Issue with calculation setpoints, needles and sections with minimumvalue > 0 in TTMSFMXLinearGauge

I downloaded the last version and reinstall ,rebuild the project ,but The  problem still exists,
Did you fixed the bug In the last version?

thank you for support.


This is currently under investigation, the latest version does not yet have a fix for this xls ouput issue.

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