TMSFMXListView1 showing EvalError

Component: TMS Pack for Firemonkey v2.9.1.3 

I am having a heck of a time with this component giving me this error message: 

EvalError in LinkGridToDataSourceBSMyListView: Unable to cast or find converters between types Int64 and TListItem. 

where the "MyListView" part of LinkGridToDataSourceBSMyListView is the TMSFMXListView1 component I named it. 

1. I am testing-running this portion of code in windows platform, though target is for Android.
2. The error occurs right after the data is displayed in the listview. 
3. The data is from an sqlite database of about 3000 records (or rows), each row has 7 fields.
4. using livebindings and FireDAC in Delphi XE7 Professional.

This is my first time working with a ListView control or component. I started with the windows firemonkey version, and it works fine for the code strategy used above. It takes less then 1/2 second to display 1 to 20 rows of data in the listview. But it lacks a few things, and so I am exploring with your TMS's listview component. I am hoping that it is faster than your FMXGrid at displaying the final data because I could not get your FMXgrid to display the data fast enough (because it takes about 4 seconds to show 1 to 20 rows of data inside the grid). If I can get your FMXListView to display 1 to 20 rows of data in less than 1/2 second, then we got winner. Or else I don't know what else to do since this will be used by a lot of people, once its complete. 

Thank you for any help. 

Let me make a slight correction.  

>> where the "MyListView" part of LinkGridToDataSourceBSMyListView is the TMSFMXListView1 component I named it. 

I meant to say, MyListView is the BindSource bound to your ListView via livebindings.


For faster data loading we have created the TTMSFMXLiveGrid. The TTMSFMXListView is simply a wrapper around TGrid. If the issue is reproducible with TGrid through LiveBindings then the issue is also reproducible with TTMSFMXListView.

Kind Regards, 
ok, I just check the standard TGrid, and it works fine with no trouble.   However, I don't beleive the problem is with the components, but may have something to do with the sqlite database (how I converted it from ms access mdb to sqlite.db recently) itself because I get another error (unrelated to this topic) in every control / component I've tried (when I attempt to EDIT a field, with the same error message: 

[FireDAC][Phys]-329. Cannot generate update query. WHERE condition is empty.

I think this error relates to the .db either:  not having a proper Primary Key, or the TF field (is suppose to be a true/false boolean field) type is being interpreted incorrectly, due to the way I converted the original ms access mdb database to sqlite.db database. I may have incorrectly set the field type to String when it should have been a Boolean type. For the conversion, I used the sqlite3.exe command line tool, and used the IMPORT command for that part of the conversion process. I hope that made sense. I think that is causing all these strange error messages. I just can't figure out how to re-do the conversion correctly.