TMSFMXGrid move column bug?

Hi, Delphi XE4, TMS Pack for Firemonkey

If I make a new project and just drop a TMSFMXGridString on a form, with the stringgrid options.mouse.columndragging set to true, and then try to drag a column, the application usually crashes with an "Argument out of range" error.

The same happens in my large application with a TMSFMXGridString with many other options set, but then usually if the user drags the column outside the form. So I'm not sure if this is the same bug.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

Oh and the same problems occur when dragging rows.


The grid needs a first initialization, with the following code, the grid should not throw an argument out of range:

  TMSFMXGrid1.ColumnCount := 5;
  TMSFMXGrid1.RowCount := 10;

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Hi, thanks. But initializing the grid only partially fixes the problem. Dragging a row/column inside the grid works fine, and also dragging it outside the grid works fine (i.e. nothing happens), as long as you stay within the parent form. But if you drag it outside the form it still crashes with an Argument out of range error. The users should of course not do this, but they do by mistake, and the application crashes.


We have investigated this here and applied a fix for this. The next update will be released on friday and will have this fix included.

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Fantastic. Your customer support is truly outstanding.

Thanks !